Episode 28 - The Future of Influence(rs)

Modern marketing has primarily been a game of influence via mass media channels. But thanks to the ongoing digital transformation, consumer attention is getting increasingly fragmented and spread across multiple platforms. The old guards of media are losing their grips on consumer attention and has been ceding grounds to the rising digital influencers. In this week’s episode, Scott sits down with the Lab’s strategy team to talk about the shifting source of influence, the status quo of influencer marketing, where this space is going, and how brands most effectively tap into the power of influencers.

What We Covered:

  • The democratization of media influence as attention fragments
  • The parallel between the rise of social media influencers and direct-to-consumer brands
  • How the influencer marketing space has evolved and where it is heading
  • Brand takeaways
  • We laugh about checking Instagram at work

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