Episode 26 - Food Innovation For Thought

Don’t listen to this episode when hungry, cause all we talked about is food! The food industry is going through an exciting phase of technological innovations, where incumbents and startups are racing each other to find new integration points in the value chain and bring more convenience and value to consumers. Starting with the big trends in the food industry today, we dissect what, how, and where we will be getting our fills in the near future before diving into some of the existing challenges that hinder the food innovations from going mainstream. Even if you don’t work for a food brand, this episode may still worth a listen because the disruptions in the food space offer valuable lessons for other industries as well. Click here to download and listen.

What We Covered:

  • The food value chain
  • Big trends in the food industry
  • What we will be eating in the future
  • How and where we will be eating
  • The innovation challenges facing the food industry
  • Brand takeaways
  • We laugh about the universal need for fresh avocados


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