Episode 25 - The Age of The Super Bundle

This week we turn our gaze to the rise of the Super Bundles. As more and more content services become subscription-based and unbundle themselves from the existing cable bundle, we are seeing some early signs of a wave of bundling around the horizon. Except this time, the bundle will likely get even bigger and expand outside just media content over time. Companies like Disney and Apple are uniquely positioned to launch their own “super bundles” soon, resulting in implications that will test consumer loyalty and rebuild every industry. Is your brand ready for the age of the Super Bundle?

What We Covered:

  • History and Definition of bundling
  • Amazon Prime – the proto-super bundle
  • Disney’s super content bundle and beyond
  • What an Apple service + hardware bundle may look like
  • Another round of unbundling that may follow
  • Brand takeaways


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