Episode 22 - Brand Trust in the Digital Age feat. Jort Possel

In this episode of Floor 9, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jort Possel, Managing Director of Digital Marketing at management consulting firm Accenture, on the growing importance of brand trust in the digital age. Starting with how social media has vastly changed the online discourse around brand narratives, we quickly dived into the many ways in which digital technologies interplays with how brands can earn and maintain consumers’ trust. This is a can’t-miss episode for all brand marketers, because trust, an increasingly rare commodity today, is the key to consumer access, and Jort has many great suggestions that you need to hear.

What We Covered:

  • What is brand trust and why it is so important
  • Facebook’s trust crisis & brand trust in the age of social media
  • Brand activism as a tactic to build trust and its limitations
  • The problem with placing trust in AI and algorithms
  • How consumer privacy concerns impact brand trust
  • A summary of brand takeaways
  • We laugh about how everyone seems to have an opinion about everything on social media

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