Episode 21 - AI Takes The Wheel: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles feat. Mauricio Angulo

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we take a look at the rapid development of autonomous vehicle technology, the major challenges it is facing, and its potential impact on consumer behavior. From how cities are designed to the next retail evolution, autonomous vehicles will usher in a whole new level of convenience not just in transportation, but all aspects of our lives. Joining us this week is special guest Mauricio Angulo, the America’s Marketing Communications Manager for ExxonMobil Fuels.

What We Covered:

  • Potential challenges facing autonomous vehicles
  • The transportation bundle of the future: Multimodal Transportation
  • Impact on consumer behaviour & urban planning
  • The next retail revolution  
  • We discuss how city and suburban infrastructure will be changed
  • Gas, electricity, or algae — what will power the AV’s of tomorrow? 
  • Brand takeaways
  • We laugh about oil ruling the world!

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