Episode 19 - Ecommerce Trends Breakdown feat. MAGNA

Welcome to Floor 9! This week, we are honored to have Brian Hughes, the SVP of Audience Intelligence & Strategy at our sibling agency Magna, with us to discuss their latest Media Economy Report on the evolving ecommerce landscape, which is set to debut at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival this week. This insightful report from Magna breaks down the average ecommerce shopper, where and how they are shopping, and the new value drivers that are changing the way consumers shop online and off, and Brian is here to tell us all about it.

What We Covered:

  • Background on the 2018 Media Economy Report Ecommerce
  • We discuss the demographics of the average ecommerce shopper
  • Where consumers start their online ecommerce journey
  • Hypotheses as to why desktop is still the preferred method of online shopping
  • The trend of digital-native brands expanding into brick-and-mortar retail
  • Trends in grocery shopping as it continues to move online
  • Hot takes on Walmart’s new luxury shopping service Jetblack
  • Brand takeaways on how to stay connected to consumers as ecommerce takes over

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