Episode 101: Innovation Framework 101

In this episode, co-hosts Adam and Scott face off in a friendly competition where they each take turns to give a 101 introduction to some of the most asked-about innovation territories in under 30 seconds. From Blockchain to Culture Pops, we covered ten obscure territories in our 90-9-1 innovation framework that we use to map the emerging media channels against their respective audience reach and ad product maturity. Ryan from our partnerships team is back again as the referee to track their points and facilitate the game with a hearty side of banters. 

Prior to the friendly rivalry, co-hosts Adam and Scott discuss the latest news of the week, including

  • Hyundai and Kia confirm they are no longer in talks with Apple regarding Apple Car production [9to5Mac]
  • Unreal Engine debuts MetaHuman Creator for creating realistic digital humans [The Verge]
  • TikTok set to unveil a suite of new online shopping tools [WWD]
  • Tesla sends bitcoin to record high with $1.5 billion investment [Financial Times]

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