Episode 144: Direct Mail 2.0 (Ft. Dave Fink from Postie & Lauren Banks from USPS)

This week on Floor 9, we welcome a panel of experts on direct mail, including Dave Fink, Founder and CEO of Postie, Paul Tracey, VP of Advisory Services at Matterkind, and Lauren Banks, Brand Marketing Specialist at USPS. Moderated by Ryan Miller, Senior Manager of Partnerships at the Lab, our group of industry insiders dive into the unique capabilities of direct mail as a media channel, dispel some common misconceptions about direct mail among marketers such as addressability and sustainability, and explain how modern direct mail companies (like Postie) have digitally enhanced a century-old marketing channel. If you wish to learn more about how direct mail has become a privacy-first, brand-safe media channel, along with some suggestions on best practices, you won’t want to miss out on this great discussion on Floor 9!

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