Episode 142: The Glow-Up of Microsoft Ads (Ft. Jennifer Solomon-Baum)

This week on Floor 9, we’re delighted to chat with Jennifer Solomon-Baum, North America Marketing at Microsoft Advertising and Innovation Lab Lead, to learn about how the maker of Windows has emerged as the latest heavy-hitting player to join the digital advertising arena.

In this episode, we talked about Microsoft’s growing advertising capabilities (many of which were announced at the Microsoft Build 2022 event), the unique ecosystem of services that Microsoft has at its disposal to reach the “Workday Consumer”, and the myriad of ways that brands can take advantage of their ad offers. 

You can follow Jennifer on LinkedIn, or watch her in The Download, a video series that she produces (highly recommend the special episode from Cannes!) In addition, you can also read more about the Workday Consumer, a new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft Advertising, and read more about the future of work on WorkLab.  

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