Episode 137: The Rise of “Storeless” Commerce (Ft. Randall & Chris from IAB)

For this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Randall Rothenberg, Executive Chair at IAB, and ​​Chris Bruderle, Vice President of Research & Analytics at IAB, about the insights on social commerce from their brilliant annual Brand Disruption report. Together with your host Ryan Miller, we discussed the rise of direct brands and storeless commerce, how social media has become the new TV, the role of micro- and nano-influencers in social commerce, and the best practices for brands to tap into social commerce. If you’re a brand looking to understand how shopper behavior is shifting in the age of social commerce, this episode is a can’t-miss!

You can find Randall on Twitter @r2rothenberg and on LinkedIn, and Chris on LinkedIn. You can find the Lab on Twitter @ipglab and on Medium for our latest insights. 

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