Episode 126: What iOS 15 Means for Consumer Privacy (Featuring Arielle Garcia)

In this episode, we celebrate the launch of our 2021 UM Innovation Annual (the U.S. edition) by talking with Arielle Garcia, Chief Privacy Officer at UM Worldwide, about the latest news on the consumer privacy debate. 

As always, Arielle shared some great insights into this important topic, including how the new privacy settings in the new iOS 15 are accelerating the arrival of a cookieless future, why there is a need for a set of global privacy control standards at the browser level, and what advertisers can do to bring data privacy out of its own silo and integrate it into the overall consumer experience and relationship. 

If you like what you hear and what to know more about the 2021 UM Innovation Annual, to which Arielle contributed a fantastic piece on consumer privacy and preference settings, you can find the link on our dedicated Teams channel here (open to the IPG Mediabrands family only), or reach out to us on Twitter @ipglab.

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