Episode 121: AR Ads for the 5G Age (crossover special with Five by Ericsson Emodo)

This week on Floor 9, we are delighted to present a special crossover episode with FIVE: AI for Marketers, a podcast by Ericsson Emodo. Floor 9 host Scott Elchison recently chatted with Jake Moskowitz, the host of Five, on the great potential AR has in mobile marketing, which 5G is set to supercharge. As part of the recent Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Impact Conference, Scott linked up with Jake to talk about AR’s main use cases in marketing today, how marketers can decide if AR is a good fit for their brands, and what marketers can do now to utilize AR experiences to reach consumers, especially those who’re on 5G networks. 

In addition, they also discussed the long-term prospects of AR in marketing as well as answering some questions from the audience. If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage AR to reach the mobile audience of today and tomorrow, this episode is a must-listen!

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