Is Yoda in Star Wars: Episode VIII?! DCEU vs DCTV and more... | Flickering Myth Podcast #39

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SCOOPERHERO NEWS - Suicide Squad has now officially passed Man of Steel at the worldwide box office. Just think how much more money it would've made if Shia LaBeouf was in it? Or if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had Margot Kidder playing Lois Lane. Stephen Amell doesn't mind who's cast in the DCEU as Green Arrow. There's, like, totally no tension between the movie and TV sides at all.
Over at Marvel, the details and set photos keep coming from Spider-Man: Homecoming's tangled web, and Chadwick Boseman teases what we can expect from Black Panther.

STAR WARS - is Yoda in Star Wars: Episode VIII? And say 'hello' to R2-D2's evil twin/racially diverse cousin.

EVERYTHING ELSE - the latest rumoured shortlist of actors to play James Bond, has Rock 'The Dwayne' Johnson revealed the plot to his Jumanji sequel?... For information regarding your data privacy, visit