New Justice League villain revealed?! Star Wars: Episode VIII name change! | FM Podcast #38

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SCOOPERHERO NEWS - has Ben Affleck revealed the new villain of Justice League? Yes? No? Maybe it's Batman's solo movie? Dan Harmon might have let slip another comic book bad guy - this time for the final act of Doctor Strange. Red Hulk was meant to be another baddie in Captain America: Civil War at one point, and the Madbomb was going to be the film's central plot. There certainly wasn't any X-Men.

STAR WARS - Daisy Ridley reveals the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII has changed, Mark Hamill's beard announced for Episode IX, and what does Rogue One actually mean?

EVERYTHING ELSE - more Harry Potter films, Duncan Jones is beaten by Warcraft, Death Wish has an excellent cast, The Beauty and the Beast looks great (don't listen to Luke) and Rock 'The Dwayne' Johnson wins Hollywood.

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