Suicide Squad Gets Bad Reviews! What Does This Mean For The DCEU? | Flickering Myth Podcast #34

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Join Oli and Luke in this week's Flickering Myth Podcast for...

SCOOPERHERO NEWS - Suicide Squad is out this week, and the reviews are in: it ain't good. And director David Ayer is making it worse with his anti-Marvel joke. All is well in the House of M, though, with Kevin Feige laying out his five year plan, how the Spider-Verse is going to be like Harry Potter, and Avengers: Infinity War gets a new name - Avengers: Infinity War!

EVERYTHING ELSE - Ghostbusters director Paul Feig has spoken about his process in the movie, but the movie has still underperformed. Star Trek Beyond's second week of takings is in - but why isn't anyone exploiting this franchise goldmine?

MAILBAG - what do the bad Suicide Squad reviews mean for the DC Expanded Universe as a whole? More celebrity meetings and a podcast forfeit suggestion.

POST-CREDITS SEQUENCE - Oli and Luke watch the...

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