Rumoured Star Wars title, Wonder Woman hype and Oscar winners - Flickering Myth Podcast #16

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Join Oli and Luke in this week's Flickering Myth Podcast for...

SCOOPERHERO NEWS - people have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and other people are saying that those first people all say the same thing: Wonder Woman is great. Not as great as Turkish Airlines, though, as director Zack Snyder reaffirms over and over again in the latest cringe-worthy piece of marketing for the film. Also, Deadpool is still making loads of money. So much that 20th Century Fox have announced even more Marvel movies.

STAR WARS - the Blu-ray release date has been revealed, and maybe - although not likely - Episode VIII's title, too. If you think the film's working title is bad, wait until you hear this.

EVERYTHING ELSE - Oscars, Oscars, boring Oscars. Much more importantly: expensive films doing terribly at the box office! Yay! All that, and The Lonely Island movie... For information regarding your data privacy, visit