007 Things You Never Knew About the James Bond Franchise

The name's Facts...Movie Facts. And today, Oli has not just 7 of the trivia nuggets for you, but 007 Things You Never Knew about the James Bond franchise. Subscribe on YouTube for more movie awesomeness: http://goo.gl/AaoHZH.

The new James Bond movie SPECTRE is hitting cinemas (read our review here: http://goo.gl/Z5eg72), most likely by abseiling down the side of the theatre whilst dressed in a tuxedo. And, much like the spy franchise's plots of secrets and espionage (and French blokes doing parkour), the films themselves are full of unknown facts and movie myths, like...

-Which 80 action movie star made his onscreen debut as a Bond movie henchman?
-Discover the secret of Sean Connery's mojo!
-How Thunderball's biggest stunt went wrong.
-Bond author Ian Fleming capturing a high-ranking Nazi.
-Bond's gun killing an even higher-ranking Nazi.
-Roger Moore's embarrassing secret.
-And the best online Bond Easter Egg you'll ever find.

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