Today we travel to a world with universal translation devices. Where the babelfish from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes true (although probably not in the form of an evolved organism, but let's not fret about the details). 
 We start this episode with Barry Slaughter Olsen, who's the co-president of Interpret America. Barry tells us all about what interpreting and translation actually is, and why it will be really hard to replace human translation with machines.
 Then we talked to Julie Sedivy, a writer and language scientist based in Calgary. She helps us think about what these kinds of devices might do for language loss and cultural assimilation of immigrants. Do people still learn English when they move to America or Canada?
 Last we talked to Erin McKean, the editor of Wordnik, the world's largest English Language dictionary. She walks us through a ton of fun future possibilities like branded Taylor Swift language plugins and online translation truthers.
 Links and references mentioned in today's episode:
 Interpret America
 Is the language barrier really about to fall? 
 Long wait to come to America for Iraqis, Afghans who served U.S. troops
 Julie Sedivy writes about losing and regaining Czech
 A Spanish town's Google Translate fail
 Cops use Google Translate to question woman 
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