Entheogens and Sexuality

This is an interesting episode. Listen to my choppy explanation of my "death" and rebirth. I was treated with toad medicine recently (Bufo Alvarius) and I talk here with Tsani and Olivia about how the 5meO DMT changed my life (hopefully) forever.

Something incomprehensible happened: I went so deep inside myself that I (as I have come to know me) ceased to exist. I swallowed myself whole, disappeared into nothing, grew bigger than anything and exploded into orgasmic bliss while dancing with God.
I wish I could explain what I witnessed, but there is no way to paint a picture of God when you find her in your own love.

As you know, my slogan has always been "there is nothing more therapeutic than love." Today it means something so much deeper. I wish I could explain so that you would come to know love. Have a listen though!

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