Calpol and cow's milk allergies: Doctor explains why we might be very wrong about both

Have you ever given your kid a hit of Calpol to help them settle down? If you're like the vast majority of parents in Britain, the chances are you have a bottle of baby paracetamol in the bathroom cabinet which has come in very handy on a few rough nights.

On one of those rough nights with a sick baby, you might also have found yourself wondering if your little one could be allergic to cow's milk.

In this podcast, Dr Chris van Tulleken - whose new show The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs in on BBC1 on Wednesday night - joins Steve and Rich to explain exactly how and why we a) are often dangerously casual about the use of baby paracetamol and b) often leap to the conclusion our children are allergic to milk - when there is no evidence that is the case.

The reasons Dr Chris have discovered are more than a little sinister…

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