Farewell to a First Time Dad!

Brace yourself, people… we have some big news.

Steve - one half of our First Time Dads duo - is moving to New York!

What this means for the podcast is still… well, it's unclear. However, when you listen to this (borderline emotional) chat between Steve and Rich, bear in mind that this MIGHT be the last ever episode of our little podcast.

The guys chat here as they always do. So, you get a lot of Steve explaining the complexities of moving your kids abroad, a lot of Rich bellowing unnecessarily and a lot of wistful chat about fatherhood.

If you want more of this in the future - and you don't want this to be the end of First Time Dads - then let us know! You can find Steve on Twitter here, Rich's Twitter here, or you can email us on firsttimedads@trinitymirror.com

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