Episode #19: Open Financens - To Be or Not To Be Afraid

Open banking is said to be a seismic shift in the financial services industry where data becomes democratized and new opportunities for innovation will be created. But what is open banking really? What real and whatโ€™s hype when it comes to open banking? And what is the impact on consumers? Many consumers express concerns about the safety and management of their data in this digital age - is there merit to this concern? And how can banks and fintechs clearly communicate the impact and the benefits of open finances to consumers?

In this episode, we want to understand open finance better and discuss if consumers have a right to be afraid of open banking or if the concerns about data have been overblown. And to help me with that we have invited Sam Gilbert, author of Good data: An optimist guide to our digital future & Esben Toftdahl Nielsen, CCO og Co-founder of Penni


Tune in and enjoy! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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