01 - Roger Tilling’s Milking Stool & A Blockbusters Epic Fail.

In today’s episode, your hosts Lucy Porter and Jenny Ryan discuss what the difference is between a game show and a quiz show. What defines a quiz show? Could it be evening dress and pipe-smoking? Do cargo nets make it a game not a quiz? Join in the discussion on our Facebook page.

For a blast of nostalgia, we are joined by Dermot Finch, who didn’t exactly make a great account of himself when he appeared on Blockbusters as a sixth former. Thankfully he not only has fond memories of Bob Holness but he’s even uploaded the show for your extreme viewing pleasure: https://vimeo.com/13579742

Our second guest, giving us a glimpse behind the curtain of quiz show production, is Roger Tilling aka the Voice of University Challenge. Roger shares with us some behind-the-scenes tidbits and tells us about his biggest pronunciation challenges – all in those inimitable mellifluous tones.

And Lucy and Jenny will start to work their way through the Quiz Syllabus, testing each other on those topics which, with a bit of attention, will make you a better quizzer. Every episode will feature mini-quizzes on two topics - listen out at the end of the show for next week’s subjects so you can get some revision in! This week, Lucy sets Jenny a champagne cork-popping pop quiz on Wine Bottle Sizes, and Jenny attempts to ease Lucy in with a warm-up set of questions on British Comedians.

Thank you to our guests: Dermot Finch and Roger Tilling

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