75 FOB LIVE: With James Harkin

This week's episode of FOB was recorded in front of a ready and willing audience in London's glittering Soho and a fair few of them made it up on stage to assist Jenny and Lucy in the quizmania!

And joining the hosts and eager participants was a very special guest in the form of No Such Thing As A Fish and QI's very own, James Harkin!

As well as finding out what he was up to in lockdown (be prepared it WILL make you feel inadequate in your own lockdown activities), James also takes part in some serious quizzing, including going head to head with his fellow Bolton Brainic, The Vixen herself. James also proves to be a more than adept quiz show host when Jenny and Lucy are pitted against each other in FOB's own homage to Blockbusters ... I'l have a P please James ....

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