05 Come & See What You Would've Won!

Lucy and Jenny discuss how the quiz world is becoming more ‘woke’ – why should so many questions be about dead white men? University Challenge have recently been making efforts to redress the balance with more questions about women and figures from BAME history, but is this enough? Is quiz classist? Join in the debate over at our Facebook page.

We are joined by a contestant from one of our favourite shows of yore, Bullseye. Trevor Browning proved a hit when he appeared on the show in 1986 – you can watch his moment of glory here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1kKbDkbzXo

We also chat with Julia Hobbs, question producer on The Chase, for an insight into how a question goes from the writer’s brain to our TV screens.

The Quiz Syllabus gets tough this week, with two topics that always come up in quizzes, but that we don’t remember much about between us – Traditional Anniversary Gifts, and Dukedoms. Spoiler alert - we don’t do very well.

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Produced by: Amanda Redman

Artwork by: Brendan Appleton

Music by: Justin Edwards & Kevin MacLeod (Happy, Happy Game Show).

Voice Over: Pete Donaldson

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