Sophie Heawood (The Mother Mother Mini-Series)

In the second part of the Mother Mother Mini-Series, Annie speaks to journalist, and now best-selling author, Sophie Heawood about her memoir, The Hungover Games. It’s an outrageously funny book about something that didn’t feel particularly funny at the time: Sophie was in her mid-30s, living in LA, covering showbiz for the UK press, and quite happily swerving most of the responsibilities that come with adulthood. Then, a doctor told her she’d never conceive a child – at which point she immediately, unexpectedly, did exactly that, with a man who had no interest in being a father. Like Mother Mother, this is a story that hinges on the seismic shock of an unplanned pregnancy, and both books explore all the ways that motherhood recalibrates your perspective. This is a conversation about all the things that people get wrong about single motherhood. It’s about finding the courage to tell a story you’ve been sizing up for years and years. It’s about taking ownership of your own narrative, your own body, and your own future – and kindly requesting all those who have a problem with that to jog on.

You can buy The Hungover Games here:

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