Episode 3: Learning From Failure with Huma Qureshi



Huma Qureshi is an award winning writer, a journalist and a mentor. On this episode she chats to me about the wiggly path that she found herself in within her business and how it brought her back to exactly where she had always been, but in the best way possible.

We chat about…

  • Huma’s career as a journalist

  • Her journey from journalist to author to shop owner and back again.

  • Finding your space (very on brand that bit!)

  • How failing hard can grow into something magical.

  • My surprising talent for celebrity trivia.

Useful Links…

Find Huma on instagram @ourstorytime

Huma’s Website - www.ourstorytime.co.uk

And you can buy Huma’s book, In Spite of Oceans here .

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