25 years on: Why Natasha Stott Despoja is still sticking up for women

Just a warning - this episode deals with the topic of domestic violence - if you need help please call 1800RESPECT now and if you are ever in any danger please call the Police on 000.

For more than three decades Natasha Stott Despoja has been a kick-ass part of public life in Australia – firstly as our nation’s youngest ever Senator - sitting in Canberra’s Parliament House at the tender age of 26. Then in numerous government and representative roles, Natasha has consistently had a passion for the wellbeing of Australian women. Whether it was in her capacity as the former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls or as the longstanding Chair of Our Watch – our peak body tasked with preventing violence against women and children - Natasha has simply always had our backs. And now at this time of social isolation - where domestic violence victims are more exposed than ever before – she has much to say about how we can all help each other to ensure women at risk are looked after. Natasha’s words of wisdom are what we need right now – so listen up. 

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