Episode 289: Returnal, New Pokemon Snap, Loop Hero

Three run-based games this week for three extremely non-run-based hosts.

Returnal, New Pokemon Snap and Loop Hero: three games that are based on runs, reviewed by three podcast hosts.

This week Adam has played run-based game Returnal, Tommy has played run-based game New Pokemon Snap, and Ben has played run-based game Loop Hero.

It's roguelike week at Filthy Casuals HQ and the boys have played three different run-based games to celebrate!

Each run in games Returnal, New Pokemon Snap and Loop Hero is designed to be a bit unique, and so are the three hosts of this podcast (Filthy Casuals).

Listen to the episode again and again, getting a little bit stronger each time, and you'll have paid tribute to the type of games we are discussing this week: run-based.

Ok just one more and then bed.

This week we've got three different run-based games to review, and we do exactly that. Also a little bit of Nier: Replicant Ver. 1.whatever, some news out of Epic V Apple, and even more!

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