Episode 276: The Medium, Destruction All-Stars

I just did a ouija board and the ghost told me that you'd better listen to Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox this week. I know, it's so spooky! The ghost said that, um, they talk about The Medium and Destruction All-Stars, and um, that they also talk about, um, whatever game you would like to hear and that it's the best podcast for that particular topic. No, the ghost said it, not me. Also they talk about the GameStop news because that's sort of like video game news and some other news and um they tell you um yeah like how to deal with that problem you've been having lately. No it's true, again, the ghost told me this. Why are you calling me a con-artist? I talk to ghosts. How are those things possibly related?


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