Episode 270: Game of the Year 2020 - Part One

You'd be forgiven for thinking it might never have happened, but 2020 is nearly over and we're once again getting together our Game of the Year lists. Unique in the industry, Tommy, Ben and Adam from Filthy Casuals have cleverly invented a way to collate a list of categories in which games that were released during calendar year 2020 can be celebrated and ranked. Further to this, they have come up with an innovative and industry leading way to also celebrate a collection of overall "games of the year", a list of titles which for one reason or another warrant a particular level of recognition. It's the only place you'll find such an event on the internet, and we are proud to have pioneered such a concept. Please join us for part one of our two part special which we came up with and also perfected: The Game of the Year Awards!


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