Episode 269: Cyberpunk 2077 Review, The Game Awards 2020

The King Of Jacking In, Mr. Keanu Reeves stars in perhaps the most hotly anticipated and most hotly debated game of 2020: The Matrix: Path of Neo. Tommy “T-Pose” Dassalo, Ben “Blue Screen” Vernel and Adam “My Car Is Clipping Through That Other Car Haha That Actually Looks Pretty Funny I Dunno Maybe This Is Cool” Knox are here to share their thoughts on the controversy and the content surrounding Cyberpunk 2077. Are the bugs as severe as people are saying? Is the game behind them any good? Is it possible to cover all of the nuances of the enormous whirlwind of discussion about this game in one episode whilst also recapping the Game Awards? The answers to these questions are contained within the episode, as you could have assumed given the fact the episode is about Cyberpunk 2077. What a way to end such a weird year. You may contact Sony or Microsoft for a refund on this episode.


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