Episode 232: Half-Life: Alyx Review

After a 13 year wait, a new Half-Life game exists. No joke here, I’m genuinely excited about it. Could it mean more Half-Life games are not far down the track? Could it mean a return to the glory days of Half-Life 1 modding, as enthusiasm and creativity in VR grip talented programmers’ imagination? Could we be a short time away from a revolutionary equivalent to Counter-Strike, built for VR? Half-Life mods were so fun. Sven Co-Op. All those weird little single player stories. I would absolutely love for that type of thing to make a comeback into a VR headset. Just really feeling some Half-Life this week, folks. Hope you’re all doing well! Play some version of one of the Half-Life games, why don’t you? Alyx if you can, any of the others if you can’t. We also talk about Persona 5 Royal, Nintendo news (what??????!!!!!) and some other stuff. But yeah, Half-Life is back. Half-Life.

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