Episode 374: Game of the Year 2022 - Part One

Ok, you can unwrap ONE present early. It's an episode of the podcast Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox! What do you mean a podcast isn't a present? It's the first part of their game of the year extravaganza, I can't imagine a better present than that! So what if it's free to download from any podcast app? I wrapped it up for you and everything, you could at least appreciate that. Well yes, I didn't literally, physically wrap it up, of course that's impossible to do for an intangible object like a podcast. But I put that empty box there in its place and I think you'll find that was adequately to unacceptably wrapped. Ok, well if getting you a podcast as a present makes me such a Grinch, how come YOU'RE the one who's frowning? Check. Mate.

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