Episode 373: High on Life, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, The Games Awards 2022 Recap

Before we get into our Game of the Year celebration episodes next week, we end 2022 on a bang with a ton of games to play and a ton of news to say. Rick, Morty, Sephiroth, Geoff Keighley, the whole gang is here for the holidays and goddamn if we don't take the time to entertain them. We also talk about the Forspoken demo, alongside its Game Awards announcement pals like Death Stranding 2, Street Fighter 6, Judas, Tekken 8, and just a ton more. And the winner for Longest Filthy Casuals Podcast Of The Year goes to... this episode, probably!

HEY! Want to vote for your favourite game of 2022 in our listener poll? Well you absolutely can using this link right here. In fact, I insist. But be quick, voting will close midday of Friday the 16th of December, Melbourne time, so you've not got long at all.

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