Episode 361: GTA VI Leaks, Return to Monkey Island, Tinykin, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The Filthy Casuals servers have been hacked (Adam told his password to an elderly stranger on a bus, in the hope that they would give him "the seat that he deserves more than them"), and the leaks of how good this episode is have gotten out on twitter. Early reports are saying that we talk about the new NVidia 4000 series graphics cards, Diablo IV and GTA VI leaks, Resident Evil 8 DLC, new PS5 models, and a ton of games including Return to Monkey Island, Tinykin, Wo Long: Fall Dynasty, and even more. A devastating blow for the development of Filthy Casuals Episode 361.

Arya Talking To Me is back! Listen to Adam and Ben talk Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon here.

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