Episode 323: Game of the Year 2021 - Part Two

2021 must have had a great butt because I love to watch it leave. There's just enough time before the fireworks for us to go through our personal top 5 games of the year, and calculate the overall tally of our overall joint game of the year. Close your calendars on a not-so-good year with a good podcast about good games. Happy New Year, everybody! Thank you so much for listening in 2021, we'll see you in 2022 (one week from now)!

You can now purchase the full 3 hour video of our October Live Show we did at gumroad.com/filthycasuals, which included a Filthy Drinking Game and an hour of Quiplash with the audience, for just $5!

You can head over to our YouTube channel to watch videos of us playing games, like this video here where we're playing that Matrix tech demo.

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