Episode 221: 2020 Preview

"Two thousand and twenty" or "twenty twenty"? I feel like "twenty twenty" is the right one, but does that then mean that all the times we said "two thousand and five" or whatever were wrong? Should it have been "twenty oh five"? Because that sounds wrong to me. I guess it could be the case that we switch over the format partway through the century from "two thousand and nine" to "twenty ten", but I'm bothered by the lack of consistency there and I also remember there being an adjustment period where a lot of people were saying "two thousand and ten". I guess it could be that it's always been both? No, actually, I don't believe that. There has to be one correct way of saying each year or else what are we doing here, y'know? I actually think, for some reason, that it changed in 2012. "Twenty twelve". 2011 was "two thousand eleven", people skipped the "and" as a sort of transitional thing. Don't ask me why it was then or why it happened the way it but, it just did. So it goes: Two thousand, two thousand and one, two thousand and two, two thousand and three, two thousand and four, two thousand and five, two thousand and six, two thousand and seven, two thousand and eight, two thousand and nine, two thousand and ten, two thousand eleven, twenty twelve, twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen, twenty sixteen, twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen, twenty nineteen and now twenty twenty. Yeah that seems right. Anyway, here's Filthy Casuals.

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