FFR 153: Pariah

Kicking off our month of episodes focusing on films by Black creators, today Anita is back with Ebony and Carolyn to discuss Dee Rees’ 2011 directorial debut, Pariah. The film was a low-budget independent release which announced Rees as a formidable talent six years before Mudbound would earn her an Academy Award nomination in 2017. Join us as we discuss this achingly authentic look at the life of a queer Black teenager in Brooklyn, struggling to discover and assert her truth, even as her parents make it painfully clear they will not accept that their daughter is gay.

Time Stamps:

5:39 - Main discussion on Pariah

45:06 - What’s your Freq Out?

  • Caro on the game Paradise Killer
  • Anita on the film The Pink Cloud directed by Iuli Gerbase

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