FFR 141: Blade

Welcome to the second episode in our spooky season series, revisiting classic, cult or nostalgic witch and vampire movies as chosen by our patrons. Today we’re traveling back to 1998, when Wesley Snipes starred as the titular vampire hunter, Blade. 9 years after Tim Burton’s Batman, and 20 years before the MCU’s Black Panther, Blade was the first Marvel Superhero theatrical release, the grandfather of every Marvel Superhero movie to follow. Join us as we dive into a grimdark version of LA, populated by blood and power thirsty vampires that can only be stopped by a stoic vampire/human hybrid seeking revenge.

Time Stamps:

5:52 - Main Discussion on Blade

46:10 - What’s Your Freq Out?

  • Carolyn on the game Hades from developer Supergiant Games
  • Anita on the novel The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

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