#75 Feels Like... Andreas Hansson

It's time for Feels Like... episode 75 and once again we get a superb mix from Andreas Hansson!

A true legend in the Stockholm house scene. Andreas also run Oh! Records Stockholm together with Dana Bergquist.

A record label with to many superb releases to mention them all here, so be sure to check out all their releases at your digital music store!

Also be sure to check out their own OH! Records Podcast! But for now, enjoy this superb blend of house and disco!

Support Your Local Deep House Dealer!!!

Episode 75 Tracklist

1. Sunshine Jones - I Just Wanna Fly

2. Folamour - These Are Just Places To Me Now

3. Sleazy McQueen,Snax & Marvin - Turn It

4. Nebraska - Drill Deep

5. Evelyn Champange King - Shame

6. Geraldine Hunt - Glad I´m In Love Again (Young Pulse Edit)

7. Will Saul - For Joanie

8. Paul & Panchez, Alex Moiss - Boiling Hot (Dirtytwo Remix)

9. Kornum & Karma - SPLNTR

10. Nebraska - Usin´ Me (Lovebirds Remix)

11. Womack & Womack - Baby I´m Scared Of You

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