#424 How Separate Beds Can Boost Your Relationship, The Truth About Sleep Supplements & Naps, Reducing Night Time Peeing & The New Science Of The Body Clock with Professor Russell Foster

Prepare to learn everything you wanted to know about sleep (but were too tired to ask). For today’s episode I’m welcoming back Professor Russell Foster, one of the world’s foremost experts on circadian rhythms and sleep. Russell is Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at the University of Oxford and author of the fantastic Life Time: The New Science Of The Body Clock And How It Can Revolutionise Your Sleep and Health.


The last time I spoke with Russell (on episode 292), we took a deep dive into circadian rhythms, chronotypes, and how best to live in sync with our body clocks. This conversation picks up where we left off and takes in some of the very latest evidence on using circadian science to optimise sleep.


Among many topics, we cover whether you should share a bed with your partner, whether sleep trackers are useful or not, and why routine is key. We discuss the vital importance of daytime light, minimising evening light, helping kids avoid screen time, and how our body temperature cycle affects sleep.


Russell shares the latest research on sleeping pills, magnesium and melatonin and the best ways to use them. We also cover the issue of waking to pee in the night, the importance of rest and relaxation, naps, sound frequency therapy, and weighted blankets.


It’s easy to think that good sleep is something you ‘get’ or miss out on. But Russell wants all of us to know that sleep is dynamic, flexible, and within our control.


This really is a wonderful conversation, jam-packed with practical insights that you can use immediately to improve how you sleep, wake and live.

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