#380 How To Improve Your Memory, Supercharge Your Focus & Learn Faster with Brain Coach Jim Kwik

When was the last time you ‘learned to read’? For most of us, it was in the early years of primary school, and you probably haven’t given much thought to that skill set since. But what if you could read smarter, faster and accelerate your capacity for learning – at any age? This week’s guest is here to show you how.

Jim Kwik grew up thinking of himself as the ‘boy with the broken brain’. A traumatic brain injury at the age of five meant Jim struggled at school, taking three years to learn to read. He was teased and bullied; his potential overlooked by teachers. Today, he’s a globally renowned brain coach who’s helped everyone from university students to CEOs and celebrities to improve their productivity, cognition and focus. He does so through his talks, coaching courses, podcasts, and online content – as well as his bestselling book, Limitless.

In this conversation, he’s keen to impart his many tips, tactics, and techniques to us. We discuss why so many of us feel like we’re lacking in focus, are too old to learn, or worry that our memories are already failing. We talk about technology as a tool not a distraction, and how to structure your day with intention. And Jim explains how the 3Ms of Mindset, Motivation and Method can keep you stuck in limiting beliefs – as well as liberate you from them.

We then move on to Jim’s accelerated learning and reading techniques, and he has some fascinating and super-useful advice on how to ‘flex your focus muscle’ and become a purposeful, prolific reader who remembers and uses what they’ve read. He also shares some amazing hacks for reading 25 to 50% faster and taking in more, not less, as you do it – it’s not about skim reading or skipping words.

I can’t emphasise enough what an ideas-packed episode this is, and I know you’ll want to take action from the moment you finish listening. I hope you enjoy this motivating and inspiring conversation.  

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