#308 How To Unlock The Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Dr Bruce Lipton

Have you ever felt held back by a habit or pattern of thinking that you feel powerless to break? Or perhaps felt frustrated by a loved one’s failure to see mistakes they’re repeating? The reason it’s so hard, says today’s guest, is that these actions are programmed into our subconscious minds from early childhood. And they affect not just our behaviour but our whole experience of life and even our risk of disease. The chances are we’re completely unaware of these programs but, importantly, we can change them.


Dr Bruce Lipton began his career as a cell biologist graduating from the University of Virgina before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. Today, he describes his work as bridging science and spirituality and in his bestselling book The Biology of Belief, he sets out the idea that our thoughts affect all the cells in our body.


Bruce explains how, as children, our subconscious minds ‘download’ what we see and hear adults around us doing and saying – and these become the programs that drive our habits and thinking throughout life. Depending on our early experiences, they might be programs like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘It’s my fault’ – and it’s not much of a leap to see how these might create unwanted behaviours as we grow up.


Happily, we can cultivate self-awareness and learn to reprogram our minds, to create positive behaviour change. Bruce shares his practical guidance on how we can start to do that immediately. As we go on to discuss, reprogramming our minds can be incredibly liberating, affecting our happiness, confidence, health, work and relationships – with others and, crucially, with ourselves.


This was a warm and empowering conversation with a wonderful, kind-hearted man. I hope you enjoy listening.

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