#93 Rich Roll on Conversation, Connection and How To Cope In a Toxic World

My guest on this week’s podcast is plant-powered wellness advocate, best-selling author and podcast host, Rich Roll. You may remember Rich from episode 28, when he talked about his transformation from overweight alcoholic to vegan ultra-endurance athlete, and the importance of finding purpose in life. Rich is the first of my guests to feature on Feel Better Live More for a second time and that’s because, when I met him back in autumn 2018, I felt a deep connection and I knew our conversation wasn’t finished.

We cover so much ground in this chat, from learning how to say no, to avoiding the toxic nutrition wars on Twitter and why it’s OK not to watch the News. Rich recounts his journey of sobriety and reveals why ‘alcoholic’ is one label he’ll never give up. We talk about addiction as a broad spectrum of disease that even includes our dependence on technology. Finally, we discuss how best to cope with the divided state of the world, how vital it is to open up to new perspectives, and why long-form conversations – like this very podcast – might just be the antidote we need in our distracted, modern world.  

I think you can hear how much I enjoyed catching up with Rich again and I know there will be many topics that resonate with you. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did. 

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