Mindfulness Fridays - Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

I’m rapt to be introducing you to out meditation series. There’s 6 parts to this series (today’s intro and 5 themed discussions and meditations) and a new meditation will be released every Friday. They’re easy to do, you can listen to the chat then do the meditation when you have a quiet moment later that day or over the weekend.

My dear friend Jad has helped formulate this series, he’s a trained naturopath and counsellor who’s very passionate about mindful self compassion. So in each episode we discuss a topic and unpack it together then Jad will guide us through a meditation he’s designed for that topic.

Today is an intro into mindfulness and meditation, we learn about what the difference between the two is and how much we should be doing and the benefits. Enjoy this Mindful Friday 6 week series. ps. our Monday Fearlessly Failing episodes will still be coming out each Monday morning, this is simply an add on and gift for you and your mind. 

Big Love

Lola x

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