Mindfulness Fridays - Gratitude

Now more than ever, it could possibly be the hardest but most important time to tap into positivity, happiness and gratitude. Jad explains how psychologically our brains are hard wired to focus on the negative. And we have to help train the mind to focus and notice the positives with an attitude of acceptance. This is a really interesting conversation. At the end Jad will take us through a guided meditation about passion. I don’t know about you, but more than ever I need this. We recorded this whole series back in Feb and to think this episode is coming out today in this climate, Jad you will be helping not only me but so many others i can feel it. We have recorded 6 mindfulness Friday episodes so please go back and check them out, each one covers a different topic like stress and anxiety, lost or feeling stuck, body image and grief. Each one has a meditation at the end, everything is free so you can go back and listen to these mediations as often as you’d like.

Big Love

Lola x

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