Fearlessly Failing: TULLY LOU LIVE

This episode was a dream come true, I’ve been wanting to do a LIVE podcast for about 6 months now but had a very real fear nobody would turn up!

The good news is people rocked up! We recorded it last Thursday morning so it’s fresh as, thank you Matt (bosso) for editing this so fast.

Righto, meet Tully Humphrey and Sarah Pasini the directors of TULLY LOU active wear. These best friends and business partners seem more like sisters. They both open up about not only business struggles but the tougher experiences in their personal lives. The thing that sets these two apart is that they nourish their friendship, not just their business relationship. You know when you meet people and they are yin to the other yang? That’s these two, they hold each other accountable, make time for each other and most importantly they hold space for one another.

Big Love

Lola x

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