Fearlessly Failing: Tim Silverwood

I’m going to be flat out honest with you, Tim blew me away. You know when you meet someone and they’re such a great combo of passion and smarts. This guy knows his stuff. I learnt so much during this podcast. And I loved his overall message which was to hold on to hope.

Tim is an environmentalist, he’s probably best known for co-founding the not-for-profit organisation “Take 3 for the Sea” which is a simple concept (take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach) aimed at combating plastic pollution which is killing not just wildlife but devastating oceans ad threatening the health of our planet.

We talked about surfing, his super popular TedX talk and about “garbage beach” yes you read that correctly, there’s a beach called “garbage beach” in Hawaii which is FULL of garbage.

I hope Tim’s story inspires you to love and care for your planet, I know it did me!

Big Love

Lola x

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