13. Fearlessly Failing: Stacey June

I’m excited to introduce this next guest. It’s the OG podcast queen Stacey June, you can find out more about her here https://www.staceyjune.com/

This girl is an open book, not just in this interview but in general, she’s happy to talk about the highs and lows of any topic. She’s very open about miscarriage and is an ambassador for Pink Elephant, which is all about miscarriage support, you can learn more here https://miscarriagesupport.org.au/

Stacey speaks about working in radio and she show being axed with zero notice, in fact stacey thought she was in negotiations for a new contract for the following year when she got a call saying she’d recorded her last show. Brutal. 

SYDNEY KIDDLETS: Stace is also super spiritual and in tune with her purpose. she’s running a workshop called “finding your intuition” this will inspire you to “listen to your gut” think mediation, inspiring chats and getting clear on what’s right for you. I wish i was living in Syds so I could go too. Here’s a bit more detail about the workshop https://www.staceyjune.com/workshops/find-your-intuition

Big Love

Lola x

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